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Healthy Eating Recipe Challenge

MKG invites you to participate in our “Manhattan Kids Guide Healthy Eating Recipe Challenge” and to send us your children’s favorite recipes at  The winner will win a gift certificate to La Estufa Restaurant in Inwood.

Here are the rules for this contest…

1.       Email your recipes to

Ideally please include a photo and tell us why you and your child like to eat this food

(Send as many recipes as you like.  Any type of meal, snack, shake is what we want to see)

2.       Have your friends vote for your recipe by emailing us at

3.       Winner will be announced by June 30, 2011 and the winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to La Estufa Restaurant located in the Inwood section of NYC

Now here is an adjunct article from Alison Stamas, the founding editor of She started MKG with her husband Yianni. Their daughter Lily is a patient of Dr. Eng's...

Like other moms I know, I worry about being the best mom I can be.   Sometimes I feel like I was at my most on top of my motherhood game while my baby was still in my womb and I actually had time to research statistics, trends and tips for my soon-to-be born daughter.  One of the few things I do know is that eating dinner with your family on a regular basis will bring my child confidence, help her grades in school, lower her risk for obesity and type 2 diabetes and decrease her chances of using drugs and alcohol.

 I like those odds.  What’s even sweeter is my 2 year old wants so badly for us to eat together and will even say to my husband and I “let’s eat like a family”.  The challenging part for me is finding foods that my 2 year old wants to eat that don’t belong to the cake and ice cream food groups.  Though sometimes she wins and gets to eat those things for dinner. 

Springtime makes we want to eat more natural foods given the likelihood of swimsuit donning in the not too distant future.  I recently joined a CSA with Windflower Farm and am looking forward to the challenge of incorporating seasonal fruits and vegetables into my family’s diet.  


Dr. Yolanda Eng is one of the most popular and beloved pediatricians of Northern Manhattan. She is also a Platinum Pias Awards veteran. She accepted the "Most Promising Student: Lights Camera Read" Pia on behalf of A.J. from Queens, the toddler with parents help who authored the winning short story inspired by a book.

Dr. Eng's dedication to keeping kids healthy is going beyond just her practice which is expanding into a new publication entitled as can be seen at the internet magazine location in the 15 minute Pias Awards documentary, premiering online Tuesday, May 3 2011.

Eng is featured in this documentary along with over 16 other Media Space NYC publication editors including Alina Bloomgarden who is the co-editor of this publication as well as the executive editor of the over 75 total internet magazines.

Dr. M. Yolanda Eng
160 Bennett Ave
New York, NY 10040
(212) 781-0800


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