Here are the Platinum Pias Award winning kids's stories from last year's Lights Camera Read in Washington Heights/Inwood inspired by Summer Reading NYC books adapted to skit form so they can be dramatized live by the Magic Neighbors troupe while being videotaped.

This year the troupe consists of volunteers from "Stylists for Literacy" who will be doing hair for the humans as well as acting alongside the puppets.

As seen in, the publication shedding light on Middle Eastern Artists:

"Princess Sees the World"
Inspired by Eric Carle’s “Rooster’s Off to See The World”
by S. Gluckman, age 15

As seen in, the publication for learning the beauty and health arts:

The Twins that Could Only Frown
by Michael Schwartzman, 15 years old

As seen in, the publication empowering Bronx students and residents:

"The Pony Who Wanted To Skateboard" Written by A.J. Englebert
(age 2) with help from his Aunt
(Inspired by "The Carrot Seed" by Ruth Krauss)

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