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Lights Camera Read - Watch MKG Winter Festival Video

Alan Lipman is a father who believes in the importance of reading as a gateway to success. He is a part of the legendary Mr. Beauty equipment family and recently traveled to Los Angeles to meet with Bravo's "Shear Genius" star Jonathan Antin. See a video about Alan and company in the latest edition of "Beauty Equipment Review".


Danita Nichols is the children's librarian at the Inwood Manhattan branch of the New York Public Library. She was a storyteller in the video for the Winter Festival NYC and one of the stars of the recent Lights Camera Read and Summer Reading NYC event.



Dr. M. Yolanda Eng is a popular Inwood Manhattan and Washington Heights pediatrician who is working on a special study of children's health. She has participated in MKG community festivals including the Winter Festival and was featured in a video for that festival on the "Manhattan Kids Guide" website.


Joe Ramos is a long time valued member of the Video Film Web team at the VFW Media Studio at Dramatics NYC. Joe, a graduate of TCI College of Technology and the VFW Academy, was recently featured in a cover story for "NY City Press".



Bernie Bunnie considers himself to be the mascot for the "Magic Neighbors" puppets. He has an inferiorty complex regarding Roger Rabbit of the popular movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" since he feels he was the best long eared performer for the job. Bernie will be seen in the upcoming "Lights Camera Read" DVD confronting Charles Fleischer who is the voice behind Roger Rabbit. Also, Bernie loves kids and thinks reading is fundamental and that's not splitting "hares".


Jason Kendall is a computer programmer by trade who is family friend of the Stamas'. See a story on Jason and his Inwood Astronomy Project this month on TV.



Denise Morgan is a media teacher at the South Bronx's High School For Violin And Dance for which Video Film Web is doing a documentary per the New York City Department Of Education. Denise has been nominated for a Platinum Pias award for her work on the documentary. She will soon be appearing in a Bronx News NYC story.


Topaz is a hair stylist to the stars. Press coverage of Topaz includes a newscast in "Salon Innovator" doing a makeover for her client Karina Smirnoff ("Dancing With The Stars") as well as being spotlighted in "Spring Hair Trends". Topaz, a mother herself, makes the community and our kids a priority.


Alex Corrado, probably best known as the guy who throws Anthony Hopkins in the van then later gets eaten by wild pigs in "Hannibal" has also done movies with kids, including Comedy Central's "The Hebrew Hammer" where he is the bouncer at the Santa Line. Alex is currently working with VFW on a new TV series and motion picture webisode series called "Club Corrado NJ" that takes place in his basement in Rutherford, NJ where he "solves your wish with a dish". Alex can be seen in "Italian American Lifestyles" magazine.


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